Accessory - Brave Soles Florence Leather Tote Purse

Brave Soles

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Brave Soles Florence leather tote purse

  • Made of locally sourced leather
  • Upcycled tire inner tube accent
  • Inside large pocket
  • 12" x 15" x 4" - 30.4cm x 38.1cm x 10.1cm
  • Comfortable shoulder strap length

Named after our French Canadian co-founder who inspired it, the Florence is a reflection of what many of us value in a great leather bag: Simplicity. Class. Longevity.

With its timeless concept, the Florence wants to go with you everywhere and be part of every conversation. Take her to the coffee shop, the office, the sports event, the wine boutique and when you catch your cab for your overnight train trip.

She's classy and she loves hanging out. So why not go with the flow?

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